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The cheer and chimes of the holiday season are meant to bring joy to those who celebrate. Holiday movies, pond lightings and seasonal drinks paint the winter months as the most wonderful time.

For many, however, the end of the year is burdened with financial stress unique to the season. On top of recurring bills, there’s added expectation for gifts, holiday gatherings and holiday meals. With rising inflation, the costs add up quickly. 

Managing finances is already stressful. The added obligations of the holidays can take its toll. Despite the pressure, the team at ITM Group is here to remind you that you aren’t alone.

Organizations such as the American Psychology Association have published repeated studies showing how upward of 40 percent and more Americans feel increased stress during the holiday season. While there isn’t one solution to feelings of stress, there are plenty of recommendations on how to manage it. 

On the more practical side, it’s broadly recommended to take extra consideration for budgeting during the holidays. Beyond that, it’s important to take moments for yourself and appreciate efforts made as they are. A part of this is planning ahead and not letting the pressures of other’s expectations push you farther than you can manage. In this, it’s OK to say no to events. The holiday season is special because of any time celebrated during it. 

Our general therapy services are available per counselor. With varying types of services provided and multiple insurances accepted, the staff is here to provide support and guidance during this season. For more information, visit our staff page