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Getting Creative with Your Mental Health

When thinking about how to stay on top of your mental health, not many people know where to start. Primarily, it is important to find a therapist that makes you feel comfortable and is someone you can talk to regularly. In addition to therapy, there are many simple and creative ways that you can stay on top of your mental health throughout the week.

Getting outside is always a great way to clear your mind, get a breath of fresh air and get in some exercise. Even just grabbing a lawn chair and sitting outside in the sun for an hour or two is enough to give you some space and time to think. You can grab a nice book to read, a Sudoku puzzle to complete, or get some journaling done. Just taking the time to pause from your everyday task list and getting off your phone for a little bit is good for your mental health. If you are not the kind of person who can sit still for a long period of time, going for a walk or bike ride can also help you clear your mind. Not to mention you can also burn some calories while you are at it. Listen to the bird’s chirp, the breeze running through your hair, and the sun sitting on top of your skin. If you get outside, away from your computer, the dishes that need to be done, and all the things you need to complete, it can help you breathe for a minute and ask yourself what you really need. Take the time out of your day to get outside.

Secondly, picking up arts and crafts is a great way to use your brain in a new and exciting way. Instead of thinking about work and everything that needs to get done, you can use your brain in a creative and fun way. Whether you buy a coloring book, color a page a day, or pick up something more hands-on like knitting or sewing. Doing this for an hour or two a day will allow your brain to relax and create some imaginative work. Allowing yourself to breathe and use your brain in another capacity is also super great for your mental health.

Finally, getting a planner and organizing your day-to-day life is a great way to manage your time and prioritize the things you need to get done. With a planner, you can look at your schedule from months out but also look at the details of your everyday tasks. This can help you stay calm and constantly know how much you have going on. As a student, you can keep track of all your assignments, projects, and exams, and manage your time leading up to them. If you are a more creative person, you can even use your planner as an art project. You can decorate it with stickers and color code all your assignments, school schedule, or work schedule. Having a planner to organize your life and manage your time is a great way to stay on top of your mental health and prioritize your tasks.

Staying on top of your mental health does not need to be a burden. You can have fun with it and get creative.