When anxiety is preventing you from living your best life

on Thursday, 02 March 2017.

When anxiety is preventing you from living your best life


With more than 3 million cases per year, anxiety disorder is one of the most common in the United States. It is normal to feel anxious about something you're uncomfortable with or not used to, but when your anxiety starts preventing you from completing everyday activities, it may be something more severe. Generally, anxiety disorders produce feelings of nervousness or unease and can be accompanied by panic attacks or trouble breathing, sleeping or concentrating.

Everyone’s anxiety is caused by something different. Common sources of anxiety include heavy social pressures, travel, decision making, school and work.

The first step in managing your anxiety is to learn what triggers it. Try to notice when you feel the most anxious or stressed. Attempting to alter your routine in order to avoid what makes you anxious will only reinforce the feelings of dread you associate with the task.

Facing your fears is the best way to overcome them, and a positive experience doing something that usually overwhelms you is an effective way to lower your level of anxiety when faced with the obstacle again.

More than likely, you will not be able to avoid what makes you anxious, so recognizing the sources of your stress will allow you to learn ways to manage it. Some methods include deep breathing, meditation, counting to 10, practicing yoga or exercising regularly. Some people also find it beneficial to keep a journal or vocalize their feelings with a professional or someone they trust.

Sitting with an uncomfortable thought allows it to linger and develop further. Talking with a professional about how we feel could be the first step in allowing us to work through our issues and see these things more clearly.


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