Trust Issues

on Wednesday, 18 October 2017.

Trust Issues

Trust issues can be defined as difficulties a person has with trusting others. This person may also experience difficulty determining when to trust others and how much to trust others. Though it is normal to hesitate before determining whether to trust someone, it is not normal to have extensive trust issues where a person will never trust anyone under any circumstances.

Having trust issues prevents a person from experiencing healthy relationships or intimacy. The issues lead to them experiencing stress, anxiety, suspicion and fear because they are constantly worrying about people in their lives betraying them.

You may have trust issues if you don’t have any friendships; you are lonely or depressed; you are always suspicious of friends and family members; you seem to always be in dramatic, quarrelsome relationships; or other people view you as untrusting, unforgiving or difficult to please.

People often develop trust issues if they have been betrayed, embarrassed or taken advantage of in the past. These experiences make it difficult for that person to trust again. Childhood abuse, bullying and distressing life experiences, such as the death of a loved one, have also been linked to trust issues.

If you have trust issues, a good way to overcome them is to get a “trust partner,” according to Mike Bundrant of A trust partner is usually a therapist or life coach who has experience dealing with trust issues. With this partner, you can learn how and when to trust. You also will learn to take emotional risks, which is what extending trust is all about. “Trusting” with a trust partner helps prepare you for real-life situations where you have to decide when and to whom to extend trust.

Therapy also can help you to determine the underlying causes behind your trust issues and how you can work to overcome these issues. Group therapy is also an option where you complete trust exercises in a group setting. Whatever therapy method you choose, you need to be prepared and willing to work hard in order to leave your trust issues behind. 


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