Pursuit of Happiness

on Thursday, 17 October 2019.

Pursuit of Happiness

Being on the pursuit of happiness and seeking inner peace are very different goals. Here are some ways in which our journeys differ depending on what we’re pursuing.


·         Attaining happiness is reaching a point where we enjoy and appreciate our lives. This is a product of an enjoyable life situation (things go well) combined with an ability to appreciate our circumstances regardless by maintaining a positive mindset.

·         Attaining inner peace means that we feel at peace with our life regardless of if things go well or not.


How to view external circumstances:

·         Part of attaining happiness is to focus our efforts on improving the negative aspects of our lives. This way, we can be truly happy.

·         Instead of trying to change our life situation (as is the case for happiness), inner peace focuses on changing our attitude and reactions toward life.


How to view positive experiences:

·         Seeking happiness assumes that we can reach a point when we have mostly positive experiences; it’s a constant search for that “feel good” feeling.

·         A pursuit of inner peace is not a pursuit of enjoyable experiences or situations; it’s a journey toward creating an attitude of acceptance and appreciation, regardless of the obstacles or situation.


How mindset plays into it:

·         To be happy, we need to approach situations from a positive place. Some argue that a positive mindset not only impacts how we experience life, but can also change circumstances within our lives.

·         Inner peace goes beyond the mind. It’s not a matter of changing how we think, but a path toward taking a different approach at experiencing and relating to the world you live in.


If you’re pursuing happiness, you’re on a self-improvement journey.


If you’re pursuing inner peace, you’re on a spiritual journey.


Both happiness and inner peace can be found. Pursuing happiness and inner peace are not mutually exclusive, and for most of us they are likely to merge over time.

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