Parenting Against the Rape Culture

on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

Parenting Against the Rape Culture

There may be nothing worse for parents than having to help their children deal with rape. It is sad, but rape and other examples of male dominance and sexual control are so common in our society that people often become immune to it. The recent media coverage of well-known public figures further highlights the prevalence of unwanted sexual assault in our society. We are generally somewhat removed from the circumstances. That is, of course, until it becomes personal.

While, as a society, we often strive to do what we can to make rape and these other examples of male dominance less common and morally unacceptable, there are things parents can do to help children deal with this issue and the so-called rape culture.

Dr. Jennifer Sager, a provider associated with us here at The ITM Group, co-authored an article that appeared in The Washington Post called How to parent against rape culture (for one thing, start young).This informative article gives valuable insights to caregivers and parents on how to cope with this extremely serious issue.

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