Normalizing Therapy

on Wednesday, 16 September 2020.

Normalizing Therapy

Mental illness in the United States is a growing issue. Unfortunately, mental health and recovery are plagued by stigma.

Due to misinformation, fear of being socially rejected and the lack of societal recognition of the severity of mental illness, many do not seek out therapy or other forms of treatment. For those who do seek out therapy, some are faced with expensive bills and high insurance copays. The need for the normalization of seeking out therapy is a necessity in order to address the growing crisis surrounding mental health.

The effects of therapy not being a normalized option for those struggling with mental illness or varying types of recovery are long-lasting and harmful. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 50% of people with mental illness, regardless of severity, struggle with a form of substance abuse. Statistics such as that highlight how lack of access to treatment can hurt people’s livelihood permanently.

Therapy for many is a safe path for diagnosis. Especially for youth and young adults, finding out early a correct diagnosis is imperative for the successful management and treatment of mental illness. For those struggling with trauma and PTSD issues, therapy is typically the main aspect of recovery.

Normalizing therapy is a multifaceted process that must include all sides of the issue. Not only does it have to include the spread of factual information about the vast benefits of therapy, but it also must include perspectives from therapists themselves. Resources to different types of therapy, including trauma, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and mental illness counseling, must be widespread and readily available.

The hill to climb in managing mental illness can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone. Therapy exists to provide a safe environment that gives treatment.

At ITM Group, we can assure you that our services exist to help you. Our team of mental health professionals only includes qualified professionals with the resources to help you enhance your life experience.

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