New Year’s Resolutions

on Wednesday, 18 December 2019.

New Year’s Resolutions



Not every New Year’s resolution needs to be about weight, finances or material items. Focusing on improving what dissatisfies you regarding your mental health is a positive way to bring in a new year.

Resolutions to consider:

A. I will speak kindly to myself.

If what you say to yourself isn’t something you’d ever say to someone you care for, it’s time to reassess the way you think of yourself. Treat yourself with respect; you deserve it. Saying negative things and calling yourself names will only makes you feel worse. Treat yourself as well as you do others. 

B. I will set healthy boundaries.

Sometimes we give other people too much time in our lives by giving them the power to do so. Letting family, friends or coworkers make our lives more difficult can be hidden as kindness, though it’s completely overloading us. Define limits at work, home and within your relationships. Let this be the year you tell others how they’re affecting you through a constructive approach without anger. 

C. I will take action on my mental/emotional well-being.

Many shy away from mental health specialists due to stigmas around the topic. It’s common for someone to not address a mental health or emotional problem even when they know it’s needed because of these stigmas. This year, motivate yourself to seek help for things you cannot solve on your own. Investing time and care into you is never wasted time.

Regardless of your New Year’s resolution, working toward a happier, healthier you is always a great idea. Enter the New Year with a fresh mindset and positive attitude in order to help improve the lives of you and others.




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