Mental Health Day

on Monday, 21 October 2019.

Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was celebrated Oct. 10. While the day has come and passed, we can still remember it as an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigmas. This year’s theme focused on suicide and suicide prevention to bring light to the issue and start a discussion within not only organizations, but also communities and social circles.

Globally, nearly 800,000 people take their own life each year, though there are many more people who attempt to. It is also the second leading cause of death globally among 15-29-year-olds.

Every suicide is a tragedy. They affect families, communities, friends and peers long-term. This World Mental Health Day and through October, consider how you can help educate others on their overall level of understanding of mental health, and specifically discuss the stigmas surrounding suicide, to support those who might most need help.

Everyone has their own battles – stress, grief, sadness – and all these emotions add up. World Mental Health Day allows a chance to step back and assess our own mental health and to encourage us to make changes where needed. Chances are, there’s more to anxiety, OCD and depression than you thought you knew. Inform yourself on statistics and facts and use this info to help inform and educate those around you.

You don't need to suffer or experience any mental illnesses to make a difference on the topic. Educating yourself and offering support to your community can better the health of those around you, while also contributing to the conversation.

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