Is Jealousy Causing Issues in your Life?

on Tuesday, 22 August 2017.

Is Jealousy Causing Issues in your Life?

Jealousy is an emotion that has a wide range of definitions. Defined by Dr. Helen Fisher, it is an emotion that consists of possessiveness, suspicion, rage and humiliation. And defined by Dr. Robert L. Leahy, jealousy is “angry agitated worry.” Jealousy can be defined in many ways, but it always involves “a third party seen as a rival,” according to Psychology Today.

Whereas envy is wanting what someone else has, jealousy is triggered when you see someone threatening a relationship you have with a significant person in your life.

Jealousy is a negative emotion because it can cause problems in relationships as well as create stress and anger in your own life.

If jealousy is really causing problems in your life and in your relationships, there are ways for you to overcome it. First, recognize when you are feeling jealous, and try to think about your jealous feelings in a calm manner. Ask yourself if you are overreacting. Could you be misinterpreting a situation that is (unjustifiably) making you jealous?

You also can try to build up more confidence. Low self-esteem has been connected to jealous feelings. When you are more confident in yourself, you are not as worried about the actions of others that could trigger jealousy.

Other ways to overcome jealousy include avoiding circumstances that could bring on jealous suspicions. For example, if you have jealous feelings concerning your significant other, it would be best to avoid excessively checking their whereabouts/activities throughout the day. Doing so just increases suspicions and jealousy.

Lastly, communicate. If you are feeling jealous, communicate with the person who you are having jealous feelings over. You may be able to help them understand your feelings, and the two of you could work out a solution.

Jealousy does not feel good, and there is no good reason why a person should choose to allow it to control their life or cause problems. You can choose to be willing to take the necessary steps to break free of jealousy and live a more satisfying and happier life. 

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