Back-To-School Stress

on Monday, 26 August 2019.

Back-To-School Stress

Stress plagues both kids and parents alike during back-to-school transitions. Being proactive to these stressors will combat negative stress early on and make back-to-school time easier on everyone.

Listen to one another

In order to be able to recognize heightened, school-related anxiety in your child, listen to their specific grievances. If your child is complaining about attending school or having difficulty doing their work, get to the root of the problem. Suggesting solutions and solving problems early on will relieve unnecessary stress.


Kids need a lot more sleep than most people think. According to the National Sleep Foundation, children in kindergarten to 3rd grade should be sleeping up to 12 hours per night, while high schoolers need 8-10 hours. Cut nighttime habits that are timewasters, such as TV or video games, to get a good night’s rest. Better sleep will help make the school day the best it can be.

Contact the teacher

Contact your child’s teacher respectfully for their side on what's going on at home if schoolwork seems to be stressing their mental health. For example, if homework seems to be taking much longer than expected, check-in with their teacher to see how long it should be taking them to complete X assignment; are they falling behind? The teacher might then be able to clarify what your child should and shouldn't be focusing on in order to be more productive. At home, work on bettering nighttime habits and positive reactions to stress to relieve negative associations with homework.

Combating the back-to-school season with various tactics and preparations can reduce stress and help keep both your student’s stressors and mental health in-check. That way, they’re set up for success in the new school year.

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