3 Bad Habits That Are Draining Your Productivity

on Wednesday, 09 January 2019.

3 Bad Habits That Are Draining Your Productivity

Many factors play into affecting your productivity. Your time management skills and obligations play a role, but many don’t realize that their personal habits can be their own worse enemy for maintaining a productive day.


1.                  Putting things off.

It’s easy when you don’t like doing a certain job to continually put it off. The problem is that it can cause a lot of unneeded, preventable stress, affecting your productivity.

To combat this, try to do those projects first and get them out of the way. Or, you might delegate them to someone else if you are able to do so. The fear of the task alone can cause us to put it off. Though, most of the time we find that we hyped up a challenge to be worse than it actually was.

2.                  Multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking doesn’t always speed you up to get more done. In fact, in many ways, multitasking slows you down. Although it may not seem like a bad habit at first glance, it can be easily used at the wrong times.

There are small ways multitasking can help you save time. For instance, you can start your computer while you get your coffee. Or, you can go through mail while listening to voicemail messages.

But in general, switching between tasks slows down your work. The greater the complexity of the work you’re doing, the longer it takes to adjust to the new task. The more time it takes, the less productive you are.

3.                  Being too frugal.

In reality, frugality is usually a good thing. The exception is when it slows down your productivity.


If you won’t spend the money to upgrade your computer after it continually breaks down, it could slow down your work. Using your money wisely is important. But, investing in tools you need to be the most productive you can be could more than replace the money spent.

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