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In just a few weeks, 2021 will come to a close. The past two years have been unlike anything we’ve experienced in recent history. The dynamics of daily life have changed for nearly every single person in the country. The mounting stress that has been brought with the lifestyle changes still can overwhelm us. The challenges faced — job security, grief, economic or personal uncertainty — have made this year difficult for many. 

At ITM Group, we are encouraging a focus on mental health for the next year. The hardships faced during the COVID-19 pandemic are still being experienced. The ongoing changes in the political climate; the shifting labor market; the seasonal financial stressors — all of these and more can wear us down. The healing process when dealing with any hardship is unique to the person. When thinking of your new year’s resolutions, we encourage you to think about prioritizing your mental health. 

While talks of the New Year are exciting and give us an opportunity to look to the future, it’s important to reflect on this year before setting expectations or resolutions for the next year. The tradition of setting resolutions can be fun, but it can also be upsetting when well-intentioned resolutions fall through. Instead of starting the year feeling stressed about an unreached expectation, it’s better to set realistic goals that lift you up as you complete them. Especially for goals dedicated to your mental health, any effort is a success. Your progress isn’t linear, and resolutions can be accomplished in any amount of time. 

It’s been a hard year, and it’s OK to admit that. If you’re looking to prioritize your mental health with therapy services, we at ITM Group are here to help.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!